JuVan Langford

Men's Health & Wellness Educator

Before JuVan Langford became a global voice for men’s empowerment, he faced a series of misfortunes. From the loss of his father to Leukemia to his mother’s battle with alcohol and substance abuse, he was placed in foster care, encountered sexual abuse and profusely bullied in grade school. Having spent years fighting for his limitation he was able to transcend his traumatic and powerfully take on his life.

With a central focus on Men’s Health & Wellness, JuVan travels internationally training and mentoring high profile and performing business leaders, public figures and professional athletes alike who struggle with power & prestige. Forging strategic alliances with some of the worlds most notable brands and social movements to amplify his message, JuVan has been Granted the key to hometown by the honorable Mayor Petty for his contribution to mental health and youth leadership and development.


To Empower Boys & Men To Live, Love & Lead From The Heart

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The Elevation Effect

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What Influencers Are Saying About JuVan

  • AskAviArya Show

    "​A true Mogul in his own right that is living life on his terms, JuVan is a servant leader who is committed to increasing his capacity to serve others."

    AVI SINGH ARYA, Serial Entrepreneur & Host


    "JuVan not only helped define a "gap" that exists for the rising modern man but through his wisdom, which far exceeds his years, he guides young men through a journey of self-realization to fill this gap in abundance"



    "I've spent years frustrated trying to make my life and business a well oiled machine. In just one conversation, JuVan supported me in reframing the stories and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. JuVan put the heart back in my machine and I can't thank the guy enough."



    "JuVan is an extraordinary man doing extraordinary work. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow and expand his impact over the past few years and can honestly say I have met few people as dedicated to being of service to others. Not only does he genuinely care, but he is deeply committed to your success and he has a presence which will leave you feeling heard and able to move in the direction of your dreams."


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