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The Global Voice of Men's Empowerment

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Founder. Mentor. HuMANitarian.

Affectionately known in leadership circles as The Global Voice of Men’s Empowerment, JuVan Langford is a highly sought after expert within the Men’s Mental Health & Wellness space.

Proudly serving as the founder & CEO of The MENtour™, a multinational charitable organization, he is on a mission to support men in their journey of healing their past so to create a purpose-driven future.

A trusted advisor and executive business coach & mentor to corporate leaders, culture icons and celebrity clientele, JuVan provides strategic counsel and support to both individuals and organizations that are navigating challenging transitions.

In just a few short years, JuVan has impacted the lives of ten's of thousands of young men and adult males on 4 continents on his platform. Hungry for substantial and sustainable change, JuVan is strategically working towards extinguishing the unhealthy narratives within the culture of masculinity on a global scale.


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Taking international audiences on a journey from the head to the heart for well over a decade, JuVan has reached hundreds of thousands of leaders worldwide. Having worked with clientele from Fortune 500 CEO's and professional sport organizations, his delivery has been known to inspire and equip participants with transformational tools that lead to results.

International Facilitator & Executive Business Coach, JuVan creates spaces that have the capacity to shape a generation of empowered an purpose-driven leader, teachers, trainers, movements and, ultimately, human beings.

Focused on the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect personal and business performance, JuVan has a unique ability to blend storytelling with ordinary principles to capture the imagination of those who hear or read his words.

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Championing The Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Of Men Worldwide

Find out more about experiences and events the The MENtour are spearheading and are positively influencing the lives of millions of men, families and communities worldwide.

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Often leaders are asked if there was a particular moment that changed the trajectory of their life. The answer for JuVan is YES. Understanding the power of giving back today, JuVan dedicates his time and life to spearheading and partnering with a multitude of community building and beautification projects and initiatives around the world.

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