JuVan becoming a global voice for men
JuVan becoming a global voice for men
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Who is JuVan Langford?

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The 1st of 20 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren

The eldest of 5 children and the only young man

Encountered the effects of addiction, abandonment, adoption and abuse

Father diagnosed with Leukemia and died at age 29

Bullied profusely throughout elementary, middle and high school

Sports were his saving grace; basketball, football and track

Received a full academic scholarship + 4-Year NCAA Athlete (Basketball)

Relocated to LA and joined the world of Arts & Entertainment for 10+ years

Industry Experiences with CAA & United Artists, BET, Disney & Maker Studios

Founded Digital Media Agency working with Multinational Brands + Influencers

Founded The MENtour™ in Los Angeles, CA in 2012

Travelled facilitating Men's Only weekends in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe 2016

Founded The MENtour™ Australia in Sydney, Australia in 2019

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Men are living through a time where they genuinely don't know where they stand. A time where they admittedly are not living and leading powerful lives and the evidence is everywhere. I am baffled by this presumption that men are meant to maintain careers, sustain families, entertain a social life yet struggle in their pursuit for inner peace.

What I envision being available for men is actually quite the contrary! I see possible is a world where men have a good reason to rise in the morning, where they feels safe to seek support and openly discuss their unresolved adversities that might otherwise cause them to suffer silently. I feel men are meant to be the medicine to the community and commit to living and leading a life that reflects these possibilities and more.

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JuVan's Global Impact

Granted Key to the City from Hometown Mayor for exemplary work in Global Leadership & Youth Development

Recipient of Ambassador for Peace Medal from the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon

Travelled Speaking and Facilitating Leadership Experiences on 6 Continents 30+ Countries

Clean Water Development Project in Africa, School Building + Beautification in Guatemala, Feeding & Clothing of Orphans in D.R.

Creator of Langford Legacy Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund

Founder and CEO of The MENtour™ USA & Australia

What's To Come?

First Self-Published Book

Male Teen Literature Series

Men's Health Docuseries

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feeding orphans
building clean water wells
beautifying schools
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JuVan's Ultimate Vision

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To create physical brick and mortar campuses on all 7 continents that offer continued education in leadership and character development for adolescent and adult males. Our campuses will exist in the hearts of urban communities and serve as space where men of all walks come to self educate, heal and generate a purpose-driven life. Our organization will be a space of content creation, community building and conscious conversations making us the #1 destination for men's restoration worldwide. To find out how you can join the conversation contact us directly and a member of our team will provide you with greater details.

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Find Out Where JuVan Is Globetrotting In Real Time

JuVan Langford Instagram collage
JuVan Langford Instagram collage