"Leaders trust the process of progress."

- JuVan Langford

JuVan has supported dozens of CEO's, Founders and Business Leaders from reputable organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and consults for professional sports leagues, charities and universities. From business and leadership development experiences and Executive Retreats to the curation of organizational wellness programs, JuVan champions the building of cultures that see as much value in emotional wellbeing as they do the bottom line.

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Player Development

Corporate Wellness

Executive Coaching

Legacy Development

In his every day work, JuVan serves high profile, performing leaders and corporations with sound, strategic advice by putting them on the path forward.

It's this same knowledge, skill set and "know how" that he brings to his engagement. Whether it's a fireside chat, keynote speech or leaders retreat, his intention is to support his audience by setting a vision, devising a plan, executing a strategy and developing the  skill to live a life and run your business based on results.

JuVan is known for his charismatic personality and unique depth of experience that he brings to each conversation. Invite JuVan to your next event and participants will be certain to leave not only with transformational tools but actionable steps to charting out a path to success in their work and lives.

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